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Why choose SOCO Waste for your Dumpster rental?

SOCO Waste is a family run and local business specializing in roll-off Dumpster rental. We pride ourselves in providing reliable and honest service when it comes to renting our Roll-off Dumpsters. Our truck and trailer can haul and pick up the roll off dumpster in our service area please check our contact use page for our service area map . We dispose of and recycle various materials. Call us today for a free quote!

(719) 357-8855

What’s included in the price?

The price includes the Delivery and pick up of the dumpster with up to 3 tons of material. Extra fees may be added if the can is kept past the week allowed or if the dumpster is over the weight limit.

Does someone need to be at the placement location?

As long as all paperwork has been signed and the Dumpster has been paid for, no. The area must be accessible and clear of obstructions; make sure SOCO Waste has good placement instructions.  Most cans are placed in drive ways or front yards.

What type of payments are accepted?

We accept Checks, Cash and all major Credit Cards

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When will payments be processed?

All checks, cash and debit/credit card payments will be taken at the time of delivery.

What items are not accepted?
The following Materials are PROHIBITED items :
  • Household Chemicals
  • medical Waste
  • Waste Oils
  • Oil Filters and Containers
  • Hazardous Waste Materials
  • Automobile Parts and Batteries
  • Wet cement
  • Household plant fertilizers
  • Propane tanks
  • Paints
  • Industrial Waste
  • Septic Tanks
  • Liquid Sludge
  • Gasoline Cans and Tanks
  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals
  • Full Sand Bags
  • Tires
  • Fire extinguishers


What happens if I include any Unacceptable Materials, or Prohibited Items and they are found after the dumpster is picked up?

SOCO Waste will return ALL Prohibited Items to the property location. If you have any questions on materials, please check out our acceptable materials page or call us at:


How can do I avoid extra costs?
The load must not exceed  the top of the Dumpster as we must be able to cover the load. EVENLY distribute the weight as much as possible. If the dumpster is overloaded and unsafe to transport, it will have to be made safe by the customer and you will be billed for an extra trip. If SOCO Waste has to unload and reload in order to transport, the man hours will be billed at $50.00 per man hour.
Make sure the dumpster is accessible.  A return trip charge will be added to your invoice if the dumpster is not accessible when scheduled for pick up.
Will it damage my driveway?

Most of the time driveways are not damaged. Our company always exercises extreme care when delivering or picking up the containers. SOCO Waste is not responsible for weak, broken or damaged driveways.

How many cubic yards are in the average truck bed?

Most full size pickup trucks are usually about 8 feet long by 5 ft. wide and approximately 1.5 feet in height. The average truck will hold approximately 2.5 cubic yards of material.

How do you measure a cubic yard?

If you were to measure your material in a box, a cubic yard would be 3’ wide x 3’ long and 3’  in height.

How much does a cubic yard weigh?

Really that all depends on the type of materials you have on hand. Are your materials wet? For example, if you were to take 100lbs of mulch that’s dry and add water, the mulch would absorb the water and possibly weigh a few pounds more.

How many wheelbarrows would it take to fill a cubic yard?

The average wheel barrel holds approximately three cubic feet; it would take approximately nine loads to equal one cubic yard.

Should I haul a cubic yard in my pickup truck or trailer?

We do not recommend hauling excessive weight in a normal pickup truck. Make sure you are within your vehicles safety ratings.

How do I buy materials by the cubic yard?

If you have not worked with materials in big quantities, it’s really easy to get started. Call SOCO Waste and recycling for a list of our preferred dealers, and we can help you get discount rates on specific items when we deliver your products!

(719) 357-8855

Do I need a permit to rent a dumpster?

If you would like your roll off placed on the street you may need a permit, please check our documents page for the proper forms and information.

What happens if the weather prevents a pickup?

We always attempt to make our pickups as scheduled. If collections are canceled due to weather or unexpected events, we will resume operations the following day.

Where will the Dumpster be placed?

Dumpsters are placed wherever the customer requests as long as it does not create a safety hazard. Street placement may require a permit please refer to our documents page for more information.

Waste management is too expensive do you pick up the bagster’s?

Yes we pick these up also please call us for details (719) 357-8855

What if I have a tire or tires to dispose of?

No tires are permitted. There will be a $25 fee per tire for any tires found in the dumpster.

Paint is not allowed, what about empty paint cans?

As long as the cans are empty they will be accepted.

Do you do same day pick up and drop off?

Yes, we do as long as our schedule permits.

I will have the dumpster for multiple days is there a lid so no one else can throw items in it?

There’s no lid on our dumpsters. We recommend covering the dumpster with a tarp to prevent unwanted use.

How full should my Dumpster be at time of pick up?

The items in the Dumpster should not exceed the top edge of the can.

Am I allowed to move the Dumpster?

No. The Dumpsters are not meant to be moved by anything but our equipment. Please call if you need your can placed in another location. (additional fees may be applied)

Have more questions? Ask!

For any other questions, please write us at or call us at

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