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Locally owned and operated, SOCO Waste specializes in roll off dumpster rental in Colorado Springs, trash service, and curbside junk removal.
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Residential Trash Service

At SOCO Waste, you can get the most out of your residential trash service in Colorado Springs with reliable pickups and quality customer service.

  • Weekly trash service
  • Weekly recycle service
  • Bear cart service now available!

Dumpster Rentals

Our dumpster sizes currently range from 10-40 yards, and we’re adding larger sizes soon! As a trash company, we also offer a second dumpster to tackle those big jobs!

  • Spring Clean up
  • Home remodels
  • Construction waste

Curbside Junk Removal

Don’t feel up to moving all of that unwanted junk yourself? Whether you’re moving, renovating, or just cleaning up around the house, call our curbside junk removal team take care of the hauling and heavy lifting for you!

  • Couches
  • Recliners
  • Washers and dryers

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Tate and Tim are our drivers and my entire family has been sick this past week so we forgot to put our trash and recycling out - they got our cans from the top of our driveway for us instead of just skipping us and not picking up! Thank you both so much! Since we switched from another trash service I have been extremely satisfied with SOCO! They even pick up your trash when it snows!!!
My husband and I have always appreciated the service and responsiveness of SOCO. This past week immediately after the holidays, we forgot to bring the bins up to the street and our rep took it up on himself to grab them and empty them for us. I wish we knew his name to give him a great shout-out. Thank you so much! We are continuously happy customers.
Wow… Forgot to take out our recycling today. Our driver went above and beyond. He retrieved the bin from the garage, emptied and returned it for us….. What Great Service!
We have only had SOCO services a few months as we are new to the area but we have been very pleased with the company. They have been on time each week and picked up all of our extra boxes left over from moving. We have recycling through them and are thrilled they even recycle glass. This week we were away from home during our normal trash pickup day and we noticed on our Ring doorbell camera that the driver for our route, Jason, came up to our front porch and brought our dumpster cans to the street for them to be emptied. We appreciated his thoughtfulness very much; that extra step of service!
Today I missed my trash due to sleeping in went to take out trash and realized I was late and I had seen they were just around the block and they came back around and picked up my trash even after they had done been thru my street. So I just wanted to say thank you very much for taking the time to come back they didn't have to.
Seriously a great company to do business with! The customer service is always on point and I have never had a negative encounter with SOCO Waste. There was a simple act of kindness done by one of the drivers named Travis today and I really appreciate it. I am in the house sick with COVID and completely forgot to put my trash bin on the curb. Although I forgot, Travisstill made sure that my trash was picked up today, got my garabage bin from the side of my house, and emptied it anyways. The little things mean a lot and I am very appreciative for it! Definitely would recommend this company!
keep up the awesome work!
Lisa was very helpful! The service has been the best waste service and will be my go to forever!
These guys are awesome! I have lived in Colorado Springs for the last 5 years and I wish I would have known about them sooner!
Tate is my trashman and I am so thankful he is! This week I have been at home sick with covid and with no knowledge of that Tate pulled my cans from my front yard down to the curb and emptied them. Thank you Tate!
I just wanted to give a shout out to soco waste again For their professionalism. A special shout out to TATE for going that extra mile and putting my cans back NEATLY by the curb. It's the little things.
I want to give a big shot out to our driver Nick For always Making sure That our trash is picked up in a kindly matter Keep up the good job You're client on southmoor
Extremely happy with our service. They always roll the cans back up to the house and are very responsive. So glad we made the switch
Just switched today- our guy went above and beyond by also emptying the bin Waste Management neglected to empty for two weeks. Already so much happier! Thank you!!
My driver Travis above and beyond. Forgot to bag up weeds next to dumpster this professional grabbed them anyway. Thank you Sir. Great service!!!
Just wanted to give a shout out to Travis! Instead of simply taking care of my trash bin, he stayed and picked up several piles of branches that were out for the chipping program to take care of. Service above and beyond.Thank you SOCO for being such a thoughtful and reliable company.
Never thought I'd be bragging about the customer service of a trash company (lol not a trash company but a company that performs waste removal).The entire team is very nice and easy to work with but HUGE SHOUT OUT TO Levi the guy on my route. I was really bad at placing it out in the right place and he would take extra time to move it until I got in a better habit. WAY above and beyond. Thanks a ton to the entire company but ESPECIALLY Levi
I switched from bestway/gfl after many issues. SOCO has been a much better company. They are slightly cheaper then I was paying AND they actually pick up the trash every week. On top of that they have a great fee structure for extra bags. Best way would just leave anything that wouldn't fit in the bin on the curb. These guys are awesome after working with GFL. Hope they keep growing!
SOCO waste has Great Customer Service- They have always let me know if n when there are any delays n changes!!! My Route Driver is awesome !!! Thank You SOCO for Great employees !!’
Man, my driver Jason has changed my opinion of the company. I looked at this place in a negative way. However Jason has gone above and beyond! My cans are always emptied, and I’ve forgotten to put my trash out and Jason went and got them, thank you!! It was 100% my fault and he really saved me. Thank you for finding drivers like Jason who put customers first!!!
We recently changed over to Soco from Springs waste about 6 months ago. And I wish we would have sooner! This company is literally amazing! The customer service out does any company we've had here in Colorado or California. They always make sure to email us our bill, unlike springs waste. And when I email customer service they always reply within a couple of hours! I only wish they would send a paper bill in the mail. But literally besides that best company around. The other day it was super windy. I noticed a couple pieces blew out into the yard. I didn't pay no mind. Figured I'd pick it up later after they dumped our can. Well to my surprise when I went to grab my can. The driver picked up the couple pieces of garbage that blew into our yard! Look iam a class A Driver myself and know 97% of drivers would NOT go out of their way to do that. So to the Driver thank you very much! And you are appreciated! And Thank you Soco for making our weekly garbage go smoothly! So if you're like us and Springs waste goes weeks without picking up your garbage, never sends your bill ect. Or you just want better customer service! Then do yourself a favor and switch to Soco waste!
Steve went above and beyond to provide the best customer service to myself and several folks who forgot trash day. It’s very appreciated.
I have been extremely happy with SOCO Waste!I wanted to give a shout out to Alfred for the amazing customer service/ going above and beyond. I forgot to put my trash out this morning, and I heard the truck pull up! I run outside to try and get them out when I see a bear has gotten into the trash can. It was tipped over and trash pulled out of it. Alfred was finishing up picking up the trashcan and and all the trash that was pulled out around the bin! He put both of my cans to the curb for me!! He did not have to do any of that but he did, even at 7:30 in the morning!! Customer service is AMAZING and quickly responds to any emails or questions I have within hours!
Newer customer to SOCO. Couple weeks ago I forgot to get me trash can to the street and figured I’d be waiting another week. Came home from work the next day and my can was empty. First I realized I had not missed it because it was running a day late for Memorial Day. My driver took time to drag my can out to the street and dump it for me. Very old school. Hard to find service like that now days. Called in and found out my driver is Levi.
I have had other trash services but this one takes the cake!! Thank you Levi for grabbing our trash can when I forgot to put it out on garbage day! You went above and beyond and I appreciate you! SOCO really does have the best staff and communication!
I lived in Peyton and was extremely happy with the service and affordable pricing I received from Soco. All of the employees have been extremely helpful and are always going the extra mile. Super easy to reach them by email and took care of a small issue I had with billing and my account cancelation when I moved. Thanks everyone!! Keep up the GREAT work!C.W
jason the driver of my route is awesome!! I forgot to get my can out this morning, remembered around 1030. as I was about to drag it down the driveway he was coming around the corner. I asked him to wait & he gave me the 30 seconds I needed & took my trash that day. i appreciate that immensely. thank you jason!
My trash man Travis is the bestt! Always on time working hard af. 💪🏽 love this company
For years I just used to just load my trash into my truck to dump at our dumpsters at work, about a year ago I got soco’s trash service and it has been great to not have to haul my own trash anymore. Next month I have plans to get a dumpster over to my house so I can get my yard and garage completely cleaned out before summer. Can’t wait til they start doing commercial service so I can switch our stores over.
Best locally owned service in Colorado Springs!
Can’t say enough good things about this trash company. I didn’t think I would ever feel so passionately about sharing with others how they should use a specific trash service, but here I am! Go with SOCO! You won’t be sorry!
Very reliable company, answers quick and so far has been very professional, there are small faults here and there as with any company but otherwise best waste company I've done business with in a while.
Just wanted to hop in here and give a huge shout out to Travis! I forgot to put out my trash this morning and he walked up my driveway and actually took the trash and dumped it for me! Amazing service!
I switched to SOCO and could not be happier! Their service is too class. Even rolled my Van's up close to my house on a windy day and I observed a driver of theirs picking up some recycling at another house that had blown over. We were out of town and they grabbed our can and dumped it even though we did not out it out! Plus weekly recycling is legit! On that note, HBS is the worst company. Won't even answer the phone. Took me hours just to cancel and they skipped our recycling twice and promised a special pick up that never happened. Went through christmas with a full can. Do yourself a favor and switch to SOCO!
We recently switched to SoCo due to WM being trash (literally), and we couldn't be happier! I wish we would have just signed up with SoCo from the beginning!
This message is LONG overdue. I wanted to let management know what a great employee you have in Jason. (My husband will also be calling your offices). Before 5 years ago, I was in customer service so it is very important to me and guides me in our choices of businesses we use.One of the best ways to make a customer feel special is to go above and beyond for them. This is Jason…on multiple occasions. One time in particular, we finished up some deep cleaning and purging. After we filled up the two trash cans we already had, we started to put the extra bags in a trailer behind the trash cans. On trash day, I heard everything get picked up and as I was walking out of our garage later to take my son to school, I noticed the extra trash bags had gotten picked up too. Granted it wasn’t but a couple small bags, but still. The fact he went ahead and took care of it and he not waiting until the following week, totally made my day! I was so thankful for this and still remember and tell everyone about your company because of it. His kindness was much appreciated. Congrats on having an employee who makes customer service a priority!! In addition, we have found your company to be very professional, patient and really like how you put forth a “people first” attitude which makes you a company we will always support!Thanks for the great experiences!!
SoCo Waste has amazing customer service. Even if I send an email on a Sunday, I usually get a response within a few hours to my question. I've never even had to call them because the customer service email is so prompt and quickly helps with things. Great job to everyone at SoCo!
Thank you Martin and team at Soco Waste!! We recently started using your services and have been nothing but impressed!
I've been very happy with them. Good to support local. If I forget to take the trash cans out they've been known to knock on the door to make sure I didn't forget! Great service!
Have had THE BEST customer service I’ve ever gotten from a garbage company since I switched to SoCo. Soooo happy with their service.
I'm so glad we switched to these guys. We used to be with Springs Waste/Waste Connections before the new ownership ran that company into the ground with awful service. I had heard good stuff about SOCO, and it all turned out to be true. Service is reliable, automatic billing works great.....the whole process is mostly invisible, which is exactly what you want from your trash provider.
I forgot to pull out my bin onto the street last night and I was surprised to find my bin dumped. SOCO was kind enough to walk up to the side of my house to retrieve my bin and dump it. GRATEFUL!
I forgot to put my trash out this morning. At 715am they rang my doorbell to tell me that I was scheduled but my trash wasn't out. You just don't get customer service like this anymore. I was already pleased with the service but they literally just blew my mind with this. I don't know who is running this company but you are doing a phenomenal job!
To Alfred, Thank so so much for your awesome help this morning. You kindly took the time to help me bring both my cans to the street because I missed putting them out the night before, then came back to tell me the trash had already been by. You offered if I needed an extra pick up, which I did not and brought the can back up to my house. Awesome service. Thank you so much. I have not seen such service in a long time. Happy Happy Holidays!!!!! 🙂
They picked up my garbage
I recently switched to SOCO and am very happy with their service. I forgot to take my trash to the curb this morning and they grabbed both the trash and recycling that was next to my garage. In the 16 years I had the other service, they never once did that if I forgot. It was a great surprise I came home to after a really long day. Thanks SOCO for the exceptional customer service!
Great company. Most importantly great people that work there. In general I would like to point out the guy that picks up my trash, Levi. A few weeks ago my son forgot to take the trash to the curb, and instead of driving on to the next stop, Levi took time out of his busy day to knock on my door and ask if we needed a pick up. Btw, this isn't the first time he did this for me! I have been in the springs for over 20 years and never once from any other trash pick up company did they do this. Shows why you should always support local.I will be a customer for life due to the dedication the staff have for us as customers. Thank you again Levi and the rest of the SOCO Waste crew for all you do!
Great service and don’t miss any days
For the first three months of service, they had great service and picked up our trash every week. However, that has changed and now they do not make regular trash pick ups unless I call their office to complain.I am changing my original review. SOCO has been doing a great job picking up our trash lately. One day we forgot to place our bin on the curb and the driver was kind enough to ring our doorbell to remind us and allowed us to get the trash. I would highly recommend their services.
Recently forgot to put my container out for the next morning. To my surprise, the cart had been brought out to the curb and emptied. I don't expect that but this is an employee who went above and beyond! Thank you! Very happy with this family owned business!
Best trash service in Colorado Springs! These guys go out of their way to make sure you're taken care of!
Best service in southern Colorado. On the mornings I forget to leave my trash out they bring it down for me, they are always professional and courteous, and provide all around outstanding service. I've used pretty much every service out there over the years, and SOCO is the only one that has ever provided 100% satisfactory service. Giant thank you the route drivers, I genuinely appreciate the work you put in.
I wanted to give a shout out to Levi at SOCO Waste as he was kind enough to come and knock on my door to let me know he was there. (I forgot to pull my trash out this morning). He could have easily kept going and through my own fault been stuck with my trash. Thank you so much Levi for taking the time to help me out! Great service!
Far and away the best waste company I've ever come across with decades of moving around. Customer service is exemplary!
I just wanted to give a shout out for the drivers. I’ve been with soco going on 4 months and love them! Fractured my ankle last week, last Thursday and this morning I wasn’t able to take trash bins out and the driver walked up and took them out to the road. He DIDNT need to but it was super kind and I appreciate that so much!!! Thank you♥️
This company is 10/10. Service, billing, the professionalism of their staff. I can’t say enough good things about them.
I just started using SOCO and the customer service has been excellent thus far. They have a program where they will pick up boxes and other packing material on your first pick up. I asked if I could move it to my second pick up since I was not unpacked. They said it was no problem and they picked up all my boxes and packing material. For the record, I had a ton of boxes. They may be the only waste management company in the United States with excellent customer service. This waste management company is definitely not a front for the mob!
Like a lot of other reviewers, we have forgotten to take our bins out a handful of times, yet our trash/recycling is always taken care of! Even when we had just moved in and not gotten our bins yet, the driver came to our door to ask if we had any trash. From the get go with this company, I have had nothing but excellent service, and are so happy with the choice we made in going with SoCo.
Kudos to a driver. Yesterday morning, Sept 23rd 7.30 am or so, a school bus was coming up my street, Asbury Pl There were cars on each side parked, and the SOco actually pulled over the bus go by. Most refuse drivers would have bullied their way thru. Please thank the drrver for this!!!
Besides the fact that they’re extremely affordable, this morning my wife informed me that she forgot to put the trash can at the road. (I’m deployed and she’s got a lot on her plate between our children and going above and beyond to keep their lives fun filled and exciting. She’s doing phenomenal.) anyway, the service men came up to the house, grabbed the cab, emptied it, and then put it back. Incredible service. As long as we’re in CO, this is who will have our business.
Wholly cow. I woke up this morning thinking "dag nabbit, I missed the trash!" Few minutes later I hear a truck driving down my street so I look out the door. I was surprised when they stopped at my house bc I didn't have the can out. I watched for a second thinking they were about to speed away. They had seen me open the door and they waited! I ran to the get the can put and the gentleman intercepted and took them for me. So Kind! The fact that they waited and looked around.. I'm just amazed. Best interaction with a trash pickup ever. Turned my day around!
A huge "thank you" to the driver who took the time to come up our driveway and take our trashcan to the street. We were away that day and failed to get our trash to the curb before leaving. Excellent Service, Sir!
I have really appreciated the amazing customer service I’ve received from SoCo Waste. When I first moved in they picked up the moving boxes at no additional fee, they have responded to my billing questions within one business day and always been so friendly in doing so. This morning I forgot to put out my bins and they came up to grab them - along with my landscaping bag! I really can’t recommend them enough.
New customer here. There was some confusion about pick up day due to a holiday but the following week the driver went out of his way to get the bin. Best waste service I’ve ever had.
Best trash service I have had so far!!
I've used them several times for cans at my shop and they're top notch. Residential weekly service appears to be great as well! For a mom and pop local op they rock. Keep up the good work!
Very satisfying experience. Employees work hard AND treat U right!
We went out of town for two weeks & our wonderful driver took our trash & recycling to the curb, emptied the trash the first week. The second week he walked up our drive way check if they needed to be emptied again. So nice of him to have gone out of his way for new customers. Highly recommend & it’s a locally owned company!
After a very horrible experience with a different trash company (used to be springs waste but was sold) SOCO is amazing. I forgot to pull our bins out one week and they actually stopped and took the time to bring my bins down from the side of my house to haul my recycling and trash away.
Thank you so much for picking up our bins that I forgot to put out and getting our extra can of yard waste (we have a weed garden in the backyard that we are trying to contain).You alwaysgo above and beyond.
Love these guys!!! Will even grab my trash when I forget to put it out on the street. Moved away from Colorado Springs Waste after they switched owners and haven't regretted it once.
After being hung out to dry by waste connections (seriously if anyone can tell me how to cancel service with them since they refuse to return voicemails or emails, I'd appreciate it) we are so happy we've started using SOCO waste. We forgot to put our bins out and this morning and the recycle worker actually came and grabbed both the recycle and trash, emptied the recycle and put the trash on the curb for us. We are paying a little more than our last trash service, but it's definitely worth it. The customer service with each company is like night and day. Thank you SOCO waste!!
We love them! Switched from HBD and couldn't be happier. Great customer services, local family owned and operated
I had multiple great experiences with Soco, renting different sized dumpsters from them for renovations I was completing. From the first phone call, to the pickup and drop off of the dumpster, every employee that I had contact with was friendly, communicative, and helpful. I liked Soco so much that when I found out they offered residential trash service, I instantly looked into switching. With my current company, trash weeks are often missed... recycling always gets left. Where Soco shines is their stellar communication and friendly staff.. with my current trash company I still haven't been able to get a call back to cancel the service. If you are looking for a reliable residential trash service or the best dumpster rental, look no further.

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