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Locally owned and operated, SOCO Waste specializes in roll off dumpster rental in Colorado Springs, trash service, and curbside junk removal.
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  • Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday Nov. 23rd  Thursday and Friday routes will be delayed by one day!  Thursday routes will be picked up on Friday and Friday routes will be picked up on Saturday please have your items at the curb and ready for pick up by 7 a.m.
  • Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday Nov. 23rd  Thursday and Friday routes will be delayed by one day!  Thursday routes will be picked up on Friday and Friday routes will be picked up on Saturday please have your items at the curb and ready for pick up by 7 a.m.
  • Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday Nov. 23rd  Thursday and Friday routes will be delayed by one day!  Thursday routes will be picked up on Friday and Friday routes will be picked up on Saturday please have your items at the curb and ready for pick up by 7 a.m.

Our Services

Residential Trash Service

At SOCO Waste, you can get the most out of your residential trash service in Colorado Springs with reliable pickups and quality customer service.

  • Weekly trash service
  • Weekly recycle service
  • Bear cart service now available!

Dumpster Rentals

Our dumpster sizes currently range from 10-40 yards, and we’re adding larger sizes soon! As a trash company, we also offer a second dumpster to tackle those big jobs!

  • Spring Clean up
  • Home remodels
  • Construction waste

Curbside Junk Removal

Don’t feel up to moving all of that unwanted junk yourself? Whether you’re moving, renovating, or just cleaning up around the house, call our curbside junk removal team take care of the hauling and heavy lifting for you!

  • Couches
  • Recliners
  • Washers and dryers

We'd Love To Earn Your 5-Star Review!

Derrick and Art are the best. Super friendly, reliable, and honest service. I had all kinds of extra stuff that I needed gone and they took it no questions asked.
I forgot to put the garbage out last night. As the truck was pulling away I ran out of the garage and waved at the truck. Mike B. told Jon to stop the truck and he jumped down and helped get the trash out. Very satisfied with my five star service!
Huge Thank you to Jacob!!! Forgot it was trash day and Jacob was willing to go the extra step to find, empty, and return cart to the side of the house. First Class act!
Thanks u guys:) awesome service great prices did a great job very kind ^_^ ..really cute lol but other then that I definitely recommend
John and Mike are absolute professionals and always do a great job! There are several options for these services, and based of the service we receive from SOCO, we will never use anyone else!
John and Mike do great work! We appreciate them and their service every week. SoCo Waste is a great local business we are proud to support.
John and Mike have always been wonderful. I don't think they've ever missed a pick up and the frequently grab the random things I can't fit in the bins as well as always putting them back on the curb instead of splayed out in the street like our previous service. Won't use anyone else.
I am extremely satisfied with SOCO - from the pricing to the quality of service. Special mention to MIchael and Travis; they both have worked our route, and they have gone above an beyond multiple times when we forget to roll down the bin to the street. Thank you!
I went to open my door this morning to let some sunlight in and Mike was there about to leave me a holiday card and he asked me if I had any trash this week. The person who usually takes out my trash forgot. Since I live in a house full of people with bad memories and invisible disabilities, I was very appreciative of this. Mike pulled my trash cans out of the garage for me and down my driveway to the curb where John was just pulling up with the truck. I appreciate your service!SOCO Waste is relatively new to me, but not my neighborhood. During COVID when others weren’t getting their trash picked up, SOCO Waste’s customers were. When my own company who had been bought out a couple of times started raising my prices every quarter, SOCO’s prices stayed steady. So when I got tired of being nickeled and dimed to death, I knew who to try next. I am glad I made the change and I am been glad I did.
On Saturday 11/25/23 Soco showed up to pick my trash up, the hill that I live on was snow packed with ice underneath, not visible.....the guys made it up our hill, retrieved a few homes of trash when the truck started to slide down the hill, slowly, but sliding! Our position on the hill is at the steepest part of the hill so they couldn't stop! The truck slid to my driveway and hit my car, not terribly bad thank goodness! The truck then slid broadside towards another car, the driver, John, corrected the slide, straightened up the huge trash truck and went straight down the hill without any other incidents!!! Woo Hoo! Well done John and Mike!!! After they safely parked the truck at the bottom of the hill, they both walked up the hill to assess the damage, call their boss, sent me the name of the company that does their repairs along with the boss's info just in case I needed it! This incident could have been so much worse than it was if these guys didn't know what they were doing, so KUDOS to John and Mike for a job well done in a very hairy situation!! Thank You SOCO for hiring the professionals that take care of your customers!! They deserve raises after this!!! THIS is what makes me a loyal customer!❤️
This is the best trash company we have worked with. We have been using them for 2 years now. They are reliable and never miss a pick up and have excellent customer service. We left a trash cans up by our house due to the winds and they even came up to still grab them for pick up. Highly recommend this company!
John & Mike have been my trash guys for a few months now & I’m always appreciative of their hard work & that they don’t antagonize my pups they are always kind and courteous to myself and my house mates!
SOCO always delivers excellent customer service. I want to give a shout out to my driver, Art. There have been many times that we have forgot to put our trash out on the curb and each time, Art has kindly gone out of his way to grab the trash bin from the side of our house to make sure we didn’t have to wait until the following week. Then, there are the times that I assumed my son brought the trash bin back up to the house only to find out it wasn’t him and could only have been Art. So, thank you Art for all that you do to take care of us. You are awesome!I also want to give a shout out to Kira. She has helped me a couple of different times as I’ve had to update account information for autopay. Being in the customer service industry myself and managing customer escalations, I have to say Kira is one of the best customer service reps I have had the pleasure to work with outside of my company.Perfect examples of a company who takes care of their employees, who then in turn, take care of their customers.
I've had these guys for two years now and their service is great. I keep my bins at the side of my house and on more than one occasion the driver has dragged them down to the curb for me because I forgot. Just this morning, Travis, the driver on my route, pulled both of my bins to the curb instead of driving past because I forgot to put them out the night before. This is service that goes above and beyond what the other waste collection companies offer. Thanks guys you are great.
Called today to set up autopay so I wouldn’t forget to pay my bill and incur a late fee. Kira was the one to help me with what I needed done. Not only did she go above and beyond for me when she didn’t have to but she also demonstrated a hugely lacking trait in today’s society; exemplary customer service. It’s great to see company still care about that aspect of their business. On top of that Socos prices for trash removal service are the best out there. One happy customer
After being out of town for a week, I had no trash to put out today. When the truck came by, and no trashcan out at the curb, the driver (TRAVIS) stopped anyway, got out of the truck and check my can to see if it needed emptying. Thank you Travis for going that little extra effort, it is nice to see somebody who cares to take the time and effort to check on a customer.
Great customer service, great prices and local company. As long as I live in their route area, I will use them for trash and recycling.
I wanted to give special shout out to TATE !! He is our driver and he is AMAZING !!!! He is so kind, and generous, and helps me out (because I definitely need it). He is always happy to help, and has the best attitude !! He has been our driver since the beginning and he has taken the time to help me bring stuff to the truck, and even bring my trash can down on the days I forget (I don’t have my life together). He is one of a kind, and definitely deserves the recognition! GREAT JOB TATE !! MY FAMILY APPRECIATES YOU !!
I just signed up for SOCO waste. They give you extra help for the first 2 weeks on moving trash/recycle, but charge a $45 start-up fee - so it's a wash. In our case, it was definitely worth it - we had so much packing paper and boxes and contrary to belief, nobody recycles packing paper except for the COS Hazardous Waste Dept. and you have to make an appt. Who would want to make the trips necessary to haul all of this stuff???? Anyway, SOCO Waste took it all! I'm uncertain whether it was indeed recycled, but I tried as much as I could to do the right thing. I appreciate SOCO Waste taking it all, and I'm sure my neighbors are thankful as well. It was in 80907 - you should have seen the driver's face when he saw the big huge balls of packing paper (as big as a car). He got out - looked at it - put his hands on his hips and then turned around for gloves and proceeded to take care of business.
SOCO's service is impeccable. Kira mans the phone, and is always polite, friendly, knowledgable, and eager to help. The drivers always pickup on time and I have actually seen Jason and Kaine get out of the truck to retrieve items off the ground when the wind lifts the lid of the bin. I highly recommend this company.
Last Tuesday, my neighbor did not have her trash bin out when Brian (our route driver) came to get our trash. Brian saw her trash was not out and looked at the side of her home, saw the bin, got out of his truck and pulled the bin out so he could empty it. He went out of his way to provide the quality service SOCO offers. SOCO Waste is prompt, efficient and professional. Thanks Brian, you are one of the reasons I use SOCO waste. Actions we take when no one is watching is the measure of a person. You are the best.
Since switching to SOCO over this past summer after two disappointments with other companies, the service pick ups have been top notch. Kudos to the drivers who are on time and proficient at what they do. Secondly, their customer service is also spot on. Setting up my account in the beginning was a breeze and my most recent call with Kara to make some adjustments to my account was also very easy. Customer service is important in any business and they know how to do it.I would highly recommend these folks if you are considering a company who does right when it comes to waste management.
Dj and art are amazing they always waving to my kiddos. They provide amazing service! Would definitely recommend

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