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Our Weekly Recycling Pickup Service

At SOCO waste we believe we should be recycling to divert as much waste as possible from our landfills to keep our city and the waters we drink clean. Not only for our future but for our kid’s future as well. That’s why we pick up your curbside recycling weekly and work with our local Colorado Springs recycling centers that sort all of your items, bail them and ship them off to be re-used at the appropriate facility. When you sign up for our weekly recycling pickup service, we provide you with one 65 gallon cart with wheels. For our recycling pickup, you just have to wheel it down to the curb and to make it even easier we pick it up on the same day as your regular trash service so you don’t have to remember what week of the week your recycling pick up is!

All of our recycling collection is comingled which means you just toss your items in the cart without the hassle of sorting! We accept Cardboard, paper, aluminum cans, glass bottles, cartons, and more. Check out our Recycling FAQs page to learn more!

Have Questions regarding our recycling service or recycling pickup schedule? Feel free to call us at (719)357-8855 or email us at

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