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Why choose SOCO Waste for Recycling Services

 SOCO Waste is a local recycling service company here in Colorado Springs. As a family-owned business, we strive to provide quality recycling services at competitive pricing. We dispose of and recycle various materials. Call us today to get started!
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Does Colorado Springs have a recycling program?

Colorado Springs does not provide residential recycling but you’re in luck! SOCO Waste does! 

Why recycle in Colorado Springs?

We care about the environment and you should too!  Recycle with SOCO Waste and help us keep excess waste out of our landfills and reduce our carbon footprint! 

Who recycles in Colorado Springs?

SOCO Waste is a locally owned and operated residential trash service in Colorado Springs that also offers weekly curbside recycling.

Who picks up recycling weekly in Colorado Springs?

SOCO Waste can pick up your curbside recycling weekly.

When does SOCO Waste pick up recycling?

At SOCO Waste we try to keep it simple. We pick up your curbside recycling on the same day as your trash service.

What can we recycle?

The recycle station we use accepts: 

Plastic bottles and jars #1 to #7:  bottles and jars, milk jugs, detergent bottles, flattened cartons, etc. Make sure to look at the bottom of the item. If it has the recycle symbol with a #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7, they accept it. 

What can I not recycle?

Plastic bags, Styrofoam, pet waste, tree branches, lawn debris, televisions, computers, food waste, scrap metal, monitors, ac units, refrigerators.

Why is it important to read the recycling label on my cart?

Your recycling label can help you learn what is or is not accepted in the bins and can be a guide for anyone else in your household.

How should I prepare my recycling items for pick up?

Please flatten and break down all cardboard boxes and rinse out all jugs, jars, cans or anything that has had any food waste inside of it.

What if I have extra boxes that will not fit in the cart?

We ask that everyone breaks their boxes down into two feet by two feet sections and if you have extra, please put it between your carts at the street on the day of pick up. 

Can Styrofoam be recycled in Colorado Springs?

Unfortunately, the recycle stations in Colorado Springs do not take Styrofoam. 

Can you recycle plastic bags in Colorado Springs?

No, The recycle stations do not take plastic bags because they get into the machinery and jam things up! If you have excess bags and would like to recycle them, many local grocery stores can help!

Can you recycle Glass in Colorado Springs?

Yes, you can put your glass jars in your recycling cart. 

Where does my recycling go?

We take all of our recycling to the recycling transfer stations in Colorado Springs. When we dump it is pushed onto belts, sorted out and sent off to its appropriate destination.

How does recycling work in Colorado Springs?

We accept comingled recyclables and when you have our service you place your unsorted recyclables in your cart then we pick them up and transport them to one of our preferred recycle stations.

What can you recycle in Colorado Springs?

In Colorado Springs you will find many places that recycle different items such as concrete, asphalt, metal, televisions, mattresses, computer screens, and we even have a local composter.  If we do not take the items, please visit click here for a list of other local businesses that may.

Can you recycle mattresses?

We do not recycle mattresses please contact our friends at Urban Recycling!

Do you recycle scrap metal?

With our residential recycling program we only accept aluminum cans. Please contact Colorado Industrial Recycling for more information about how you can recycle your metals! 

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